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Customer Service

  • Shipping & Delivery

    Supported shipping methods Currently suppliers can choose from eight express shipping options: TNT, EMS, UPS, FedEx, DHL, China Post, USPS,Hongkong Post and S.F. Express. Since the shipping methods are set up by the suppliers, you are advised to directly contact the supplier for more shipping information. To contact the supplier, you may go to the product detail page or shop and click Contact Now to send a message. You can also click Chat Now! to chat in real time with suppliers who are online using our instant messenger, TradeManager (Hall). Shipping time Currently suppliers can choose from nine express shipping options: TNT, EMS, UPS, FedEx, DHL, China Post, USPS,Hongkong Post and S.F. Express. You can check shipping time on the product details page as the below picture: In addition, delivery time varies depending on country and courier service. For information regarding delivery time, please directly contact the supplier. You can contact suppliers by clicking the "Contact Now" button or the "Chat Now!" icon in the Supplier Details section.

    Customs & import taxes Orders may need to clear customs in your country. Please check if your order will incur additional import duties, taxes or other customs related charges. Import duties, taxes or other customs charges will be collected by the shipping company upon delivery. Suppliers are not responsible for delays caused by the customs department in your country. Additional costs or delays may occur during international trade. We sincerely hope that you do not use additional import costs or customs clearance delays as a reason for requesting refunds or leaving negative feedback.

  • Shipping Cost

    Shipping cost All courier services and shipping fees are set up by suppliers. Suppliers can choose from eight express shipping options: TNT, EMS, UPS, FedEx, DHL, China Post, Hongkong Post and S.F. Express. Shipping fees are automatically calculated on the basis of weight, size and volume. If you feel the shipping fee is too high for an item you would like to order, you may contact the supplier regarding shipping cost. If the supplier agrees to change the shipping cost, he/she can modify the amount as per agreement before payment. Or you may also choose alternative shipping methods to lower the shipping cost.

  • Returns & Replacements

    How do I make a refund request? While most issues can be handled successfully through basic open dialogue with the supplier, after all both parties greatly benefit from a favorable business relationship, sometimes certain situations must be escalated into more formal requests. By opening a dispute, buyers are officially stating they are dissatisfied with some aspects of their orders and want the supplier to take immediate action to remedy the situation. An Open Dispute is made if: Goods are not received (confirming date varies by choosing different courier services) after supplier has confirmed order has shipped Goods are not received in satisfactory condition By filling out the form provided in this process, buyers can explain the issue with the order and request an exchange, a partial refund, or in rare cases a full refund. How do I Open a Dispute You can open a dispute from the 6th days after the seller ships out your products up to the day the order is completed. To begin the process, buyers need to sign in and click on "My Orders" on the home page (tab is in the uppermost tool bar). This will bring the buyer to all orders he or she has made on Shawnvenson.com. Click "Open Dispute" on the link. Also you could click "View Details" and go to the Transaction Details page, so you could see the button of "Open Dispute". A basic form will pop up for the buyer to list the details of the order, the reasons for the dispute, and whether he or she would like a partial or complete refund. After filling it out completely, hit the “Submit” link to send directly to the supplier. If buyer has received the goods, buyer needs to add some evidence, just as pictures/videos/chat records to support his/her dispute request. If buyer hasn’t received the goods, the attachment is optional: How Open Dispute Process Works After submitting the Open Dispute form, the supplier has 15 days to respond and try to reach an agreement with the buyer. If no agreement is reached within the 15-day time period, the dispute automatically be escalated, which will be reviewed and mediated by the Shawnvenson Dispute Team. (Note: All Open Dispute information will be recorded and saved by the Shawnvenson Dispute Team in case the dispute be escalated.) If the buyer doesn’t hear back from the supplier or feels negotiations are not moving forward, he or she does not have to wait until the 15-day dispute period ends. The buyer may escalate the dispute 3 days or more into the Open Dispute process. How to modify the dispute After you opened a dispute, you can modify your dispute request and try to make an agreement with supplier during the dispute time. After filling it out completely, hit the “Submit” link to send directly to the supplier. Keep in Contact With Supplier It is strongly urged that the buyer do his or her best to discuss issues with supplier and negotiate a reasonable solution as the purchase is with the supplier directly and not Shawnvenson.com. It is also recommended that buyers actively keep in communication with the supplier during the Open Dispute process. All relevant dispute information input in the open dispute form should be shared with supplier via email leaving messages on Transaction Details or TradeManager(Hall) as well. This could help expedite the process. How do I request complaint from Shawnvenson.com In the unfortunate event that buyer and supplier can’t reach an agreement during the 15-day Open Dispute time period, the buyer may escalate the dispute. Both "Contact Supplier"and "Open Dispute" are steps taken by the buyer to talk and negotiate with the supplier. The last step in the process, however, escalates the matter to Shawnvenson. By filing a claim, the buyer basically states he or she us unable to reach a fair, reasonable agreement with the supplier and requests Shawnvenson to step in to handle the matter. Reasons to escalate the dispute may vary, but include supplier not responding to buyer requests or refusing to partially refund buyer for an order sent in unsatisfactory condition.

    • How do I cancel a dispute? To cancel dispute for your order, please follow the below instructions: 1. Sign in to the "My Orders" section of your Shawnvenson account 2. Locate the relevant order 3. Click Cancel Dispute button to cancel the dispute Please note that your order will be completed and payment will be released to your supplier if you have not opened a dispute again before the due date. Therefore, before you cancel a dispute, please make sure all the problems have been resolved.
    • The seller didn't approve my Dispute Request. What can I do? If the supplier rejects your dispute Request, you can: a) Contact the supplier to negotiate different refund terms b) File a claim to Shawnvenson: How do I file a claim? The buyer is able to escalate the dispute 3 days after you openned the dispute. To escalate the dispute, the buyer needs to sign in and click on "My Orders"on the home page (tab is in the uppermost tool bar). This will bring the buyer to all orders he or she has made on Shawnvenson. On the right-hand side of the order in question will be several options for the buyer. One is "Escalate dispute", Click on the button. After clicking on the button, hit " Escalate dispute". Your claim will go to the Shawnvenson Dispute Team for mediation. After buyer Escalate Dispute, please sign in to the Complaint Center "http://channel.Shawnvenson.com/complaint"or click View Details on the transaction details page to view the latest update/status of this complaint. There are 3 optional ways to help sign in to the complaint center 1. Click the link: http://channel.Shawnvenson.com/complaint 2. On the dispute Transaction Details page, click Complaint Center 3. Go to Shawnvenson.com , click Help- Submit a Complaint on the right top Shawnvebson dispute team will give out the suggestions and help solve the problems. If Shawnvenson needs your response, please click "respond now". If both seller and buyer have made an agreement, please cancel this claim. However, please note that once your complaint is cancelled, your case will be closed. After your dispute cancellation about orders on Shawnvenson, payment will be released automatically. The suggestions from dispute team Respond now: Cancel complaint The list of all the complaints How Claim Process Works Once a claim is submitted, the buyer should also provide Shawnvenson with any documents regarding ordering, shipping and delivery as well as any other transactions and correspondence relevant to the dispute. Remember to keep originals and send copies of any evidence just in case anything is lost or misplaced. Note: If a buyer files a claim and does not present any evidence within seven days, the claim will be closed, and the payment will be released to the supplier. The supplier has an opportunity to appeal the claim filed by the buyer. If so, it must also present Shawnvenson with any evidence it has regarding the order. The dispute team will then gather all evidence and judge each case according to all documents and accounts presented. It will contact both parties in a reasonable time frame of its decision. All decisions by the Shawnvenson Dispute Team are final. Before we proceed, both the buyer and the supplier should understand the following: Partial Refund: If the buyer wants to settle for a partial refund, he/she can contact the supplier and negotiate the refund amount. Shawnvenson can help in the negotiation once each party has determined the amount that is acceptable. A partial refund will allow the buyer to keep the shipment. Full Refund If the buyer decides to request a full refund, he/she must return the shipment to the supplier. Please note that the buyer is responsible for this shipping cost. Before the buyer sends the package back, please confirm the shipping address with the supplier. When will I receive my refund? The refund caused by order cancellation, refund agreement or Mediation will be process instantly from Shawnvenson account. However, it may take 7-10 business days for it to display on your credit card statement. Refunds are issued based on the payment method used at the time of purchase. Late Refund If you haven't received a credit for your return yet, here's what to do: • Credit Card Refund and Debit Card: Contact the credit card company. It may take some time before the refund is posted to your account. • Bank Account Refund: Contact your bank. There may be some processing time before the refund is posted to your account
  • Ordering

    Using the shopping cart to place an order 1. Please click the "Add to cart" button to add the items 2. Simply select the proper shipping method for all items from the same supplier 3. The system will automatically combine these products into one order for you If you choose items from two different suppliers or select two different shipping methods, the order will be divided into two. 4. After that, you can click the "Buy all from this seller" button to place order with one supplier. You can also click the "Buy All" button to place order for all the items in your shopping cart. Deleting or adding items: Adding items To add items: 1. Sign in your account firstly and search the products 2. Choose SKU, shipping address and click the Add to Cart button to add any items that you are going to purchase 3. After adding the product, you may View Shopping Cart to place order or click Continue Shopping to add more products Before you add any items, please sign in your account first or you will be unable to find out them next time. Also, please note that you can add 100 items at most in your Cart and the items can be kept 60 days. To help you save the products or the stores that you are interested in, you can add them into your Wish List. Deleting items: To delete items from your Shopping Cart, simply follow the below steps: 1. Sign in to www.Shawnvenson.com 2. Click "Cart" 3. Select the items you want to delete and click the "Remove" button: 4. you can also click the "Remove All" button to delete all items in your Shopping Cart: Buying an item with 'Buy Now' 1. Place your Order Click on a Product Photo or Product Name to see more detailed information. To place your order, choose the specification you want and enter the quantity, and click 'Buy Now'; 2. Complete the Order Form Please enter the required information such as Delivery Address, Quantity Type etc. Before clicking "Place Order", please check your Order Details carefully. If you want to add a new Delivery Address, click " Add a new address". If you want to edit a current Delivery Address, click 'Edit this address'. 3. Payment After confirming your Order, you will be automatically taken to the Payment page. Choosing a shipping method On any product detail page, you can select the shipping company you want to use. Based on your shipping needs, Shawnvenson offers a variety of shipping companies for you to choose from: Shipping Type Shipping Company Delivery Time Weight Successful Delivery Rate Express Delivery EMS 5-10 days to the US and most European countries Less than 30kg Good Express Delivery USPS DHL UPS FedEx TNT SF 3-7 days to the US and most European countries No limit Very good Postal Service Air Mail (China Post) 10-20 days to the US and most European countries Less than 2kg Medium Why did my order fail? 1. Meet error message “Max. 1,500 English characters or Arabic numerals only. No HTML codes allowed.” Since our website and service are based on English, all the information that you typed in is required to be English input method. If certain letters of your message contain Non-English letters, you are advised to use the similar English ones instead. For example, you may change letter "ç" to "c". If all the letters that you submit are in English, please also be advised to check if the punctuations in your message are under English input method. 2. Meet error message “This product is sold out or the seller has discontinued selling this product. Please contact the seller for details. " Please be advised to directly contact the supplier to make sure if the product is still available. To contact the supplier, you may go to the product detail page or shop and click Contact Now to send a message. You can also click Chat Now! to chat in real time with suppliers who are online using our instant messenger, TradeManager (Hall) 3. Fail to place order due to Washington address Please note that due to legal restrictions, Shawnvenson is unable to provide Escrow service to residents located in Washington. Therefore, you are unable to choose Washington as your shipping address and the order can’t be placed successfully. However, please be assured that the Escrow service will resume later this year. 4. Click the Place Order button, but nothing happens For this case, please firstly be advised to use IE or Firefox because some other browsers may encounter difficulties in using Shawnvenson. If you use IE or Firefox, and nothing happens after you click the Place Order button, it is most likely your browser does not support JavaScript. Please take the following steps to enable the JavaScript function: 1. Click "Tools" on the menu bar of the browser 2. Select "Internet Options" 3. Click the "Security" tag 4. In the "Security" section, you can select "Default Level" to restore the settings, or select "Custom Level" and set "Scripting of Java applets" as "enable"

  • Payment, Pricing & Promotions

    How does Shawnvenson protect my payments? For Buyers: Pay securely with your credit card without exposing your details. We only release payment to the supplier after you confirm delivery of your order. When paying online, your details are protected by VeriSign SSL encryption (the highest level of protection commercially available) and signifyd (fraud management protection). For Suppliers: We verify the credit card details for every transaction. You will only be asked to ship the order after we confirm payment is received. Your transactions are always secured by Shawnvenson.com. How do I pay for an order? To pay for your order on Shawnvenson, follow the steps below: 1) Select the order and click the "Pay Now" button 2) Choose your preferred payment method on the checkout page Shawnvenson.com supports Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diner Club International ,Western Union, and wire transfers via bank. Why did my payment fail? If your payment for an order has failed, please check it is not due to the following situations: Card security code failed Please note that an incorrect card security code could cause payment failure. Card security code is the short numeric code on the back of your credit card. Please verify that you have entered the correct card security code and try again. Insufficient funds If you meet the insufficient fund error log when you make payment by credit card, please make sure that you have sufficient funds in your account and that payment for your order does not exceed your credit limit. Please also make sure you have used a Visa or MasterCard personal credit card to finish payment, because at present debit card or business card is unable to be supported. Exceed limit Please make sure the order amount does not exceed your credit card limit. Or the payment is unable to go through smoothly. The 3-D security code failed Please make sure that: 1. Your credit card should be authorized by your credit card issuer to make an online payment by activating 3-D Security Code. 2. Your credit card has activated 3-D security code. If you have not activated 3-D Security Code, please contact your card issuer with this issue. The 3-D Security Code for Visa is called Verified by Visa (VBV) and for Master Card is called MasterCard Secure Code. Verification failed If your order has been closed for security reason, your payment will not be deducted by Shawnvenson. However, some banks would hold this payment in this situation. Usually the bank will reserve the payment for up to 7 business days before releasing back to the card holder. If you have any concern about your payment, please be advised to check with your credit card company for details. In the future, to avoid order cancellation, please follow the below steps to submit a claim: 1. Login Transactions and locate the order that has been closed for security reason 2. Click "View Details" and click "Want to Claim" 3. Submit the below necessary documents and it will be followed up by our Order Verification Team accordingly: •A copy of your personal ID or passport if you used a personal credit card for the transaction; a copy of your business registration if you used a company credit card •A copy of both sides of the credit card use •A copy of the bank statement for the credit card used In order to keep your credit card information confidential, you can cover some of your credit card numbers. However, please keep the last four numbers and your name clear enough. Once your credit card information is verified, you can replace your order. Under very specific condition, if the payment has been deducted, the refund will be made to your original account within 7-10 business days. Notice: We totally understand your hesitation to provide the required information out of privacy concern. However, with the user significant growth, we will have to take stringent measures to protect the authenticity and safety of our services. These security measures sometimes check some good users. Please do not take it personally. As the network model, we are unable to communicate with each of our customers face to face. As a result, it is needed that our customers provide the necessary information online, so to proceed this verification. We believe that you can understand that this check is to ensure that our website is a safe trading market place both for you and your business partners. Rest assured that this security check is strictly confidential, thus your information has not been seen and will not be seen by any third party. However, if you still have any concern, you can hide some information such as the middle digits of your card number. Can I pay in my local currency? Please note that all product prices and shipping costs on Shawnvenson are quoted in United States Dollar (US $). If you want to see a conversion in your local currency, please directly contact your nearest currency exchange agent or a bank. Paying for combined orders To make a combined payment, you may follow the steps below: 1. Choose the orders in the order list page 2. Click Pay Selected Orders 3. Complete the payment before the due date In addition, please note currently Bank Transfer is unable to be supported as the combined payment method. The seller won't accept online payments: If your supplier refuses to accept Escrow, please report them to us. When you paying online on shawnvenson, we only release payment to the seller after you confirm delivery of your order. Your details are protected by VeriSign SSL encryption (the highest level of protection commercially available) plus signifyd ( fraud protection). If you pay directly to the seller, Shawnvenson will unable to help you protect your money.

  • Account information

    How do I register a Shawnvenson account? By following the instructions below, you can initiate your free membership at Shawnvenson.com. 1. Click "Join Free" in the top-left corner of any Shawnvenson.com page; 2. Enter your business email and your name; 3. Enter password, and select your business type; 4. Enter the Code Shown, and click 'Create My Account'. Why did my registration fail? You may meet the following issue when you register: 1. Your email address has been registered as a member Please change another email address to set up your account. Or you can use the existed email address to retrieve your password.Click here to retrieve your password. 2. Your Contact Name is not in English If certain letters of your name contain Non-English letters, you are advised to use the similar English ones instead. For example, you may change letter "ç" to "c". 3.The ‘Enter the Code Shown’ does not show If no word appears in the "Enter the Code Shown" image, please check your browser's setting as follows: 1) Open the browser, click "Internet Option" in the "Tool" section 2) Click "Advanced" tab, then choose the "Media" 3) Ensure to make a tick on "Display Picture" After setting your browser successfully, please simply enter any word and submit. You will then see an error indication and another security codeword will be displayed. Submit the security codeword shown to complete the process.

  • Buyer Protection

    What is Buyer Protection? Buyer Protection is a set of guarantees provided by Shawnvenson.com that enables buyers to shop with confidence on our website. You are protected when: · The item you ordered did not arrive within the time promised by the seller. · The item you received was not as described. · The item you received that was assured to be genuine was fake. View More: Who is eligible for Buyer Protection? Only buyers who have purchased items on Shawnvenson.com are eligible for Buyer Protection. Any payment made directly to a seller outside Shawnvenson.com is not protected by us. If a seller does ask you to make a direct payment to they (e.g. via PayPal or Bank Transfer), report them to us immediately. Current accepted payments on www.Shawnvenson.com include: · Visa · MasterCard · America Express · Western Union · Bank transfer You can also pay with select debit cards including: · Dinners Club International When am I protected by Shawnvenson Buyer Protection? When the item you ordered did not arrive within the time promised by the seller.  When the item you received was not as described. When the item you received that was assured to be genuine was fake. View More: The following cases are not covered by Buyer Protection: Fraudulent charges to a credit card. If you notice any charge to your account that you did not authorize, report it to your credit card company. Orders or payments made outside of Shawnvenson.com. Claims that an item was not delivered when the shipping company's records show that it was Claims that an item is not as described when the seller can prove that it is. Items that were delivered and are as described but the buyer no longer wants. However, if the seller offered the “Extra Returns” guarantee, you will still be protected.